With a combined 35+ years of experience, Bryce Turner and Dan Hellman, MSPT, are offering educational workshops focusing on specific areas of the body. Based on clinical and practical conditions and their individual research and case studies, each workshop covers valuable tools for your professional development as a trainer or therapist.

Each workshop features a 2 day live event, divided into segments so you can easily follow along – and includes following:

  • Digital delivered Anatomy Material
  • Digital delivered Manual
  • Accessory material depending on additional material covered and/or guest speaker material
  • 6 months access to the recordings

The workshops are covering basic anatomy and biomechanics, special tests and pathologies, proprioception and awareness, muscular strengthening exercises, Myofascial stretches, ELDOA, GPS, pumping & therapy techniques – all focused on a specific region. 

Workshop Fee: $599


Thoracic Cage Workshop, ON-DEMAND - Available now!

The Shoulder Workshop, ON-DEMAND - Available now!

The Knee Workshop, ON-DEMAND - Available now!

The Pelvic Workshop, ON-DEMAND - Available now!