The SOMA Training Program

The School of SOMA TRAINING West Coast

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*You do not need to take the SOMA Training courses in order.

The SOMA Training Courses can be purchased as individual courses or as a bundle.

SOMA Single 1 course: $800

SOMA Bundle 5 courses: $3,999

(Reg. 4,500) $500 discount! $100 off each course

Pay in full – OR – $399/month for 10 months


To purchase a SOMA Single course, visit Upcoming Courses, click on the SOMA TRAINING tab and purchase your chosen SOMA course.

To purchase SOMA Bundle:

PAY IN FULL – Purchase now $3,999

PAYMENT PLAN – $399/month for 10 months – Auto-pay

*Upon purchase of the SOMA Bundle, email to confirm your initial course choice.

*You will receive 5 SOMA Training course credits to use. You can choose any of our SOMA Training In-Person courses with instructor Bryce Turner, no expiration. Periodization & Cinesiology and Graduation course excluded as these are being taught by Guy VOYER DO.

The SomaTraining Program is considered by Guy VOYER, DO to be one of the most important components of his educational paradigm. It is offered to those who are interested in working with athletes at all levels, and those who are using exercise and wellness techniques to improve the general health and function of their clients. This includes but is not limited to: sports trainers, fitness consultants, sports chiropractors and physical therapists.

The program is designed for exercise professionals and manual therapists to improve their anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, while teaching a wide range of analytical exercise techniques paired with a way of thinking that allows them to deal with complex issues their patients and clients may present.

The SomaTraining curriculum is organized into 13 courses and integrates very precise and specific exercise techniques, ranging from analytical and segmental training to proprioception and myofascial stretching. The exercises learned are an integral and supportive part of VOYER’s therapeutic treatment paradigm, helping clients reach optimum health, and athletes reach maximum levels of performance.

SomaTraining is a unique methodology to rehabilitation and strength & conditioning built on osteopathic principles. It is born from the paradigm of complexity, similarly to the human body. The SomaTraining program consists of in-depth lectures combined with practical sessions where students learn specific exercise techniques while they develop a more complex way of understanding the human body. These techniques are indispensable tools of athletic trainers, physiotherapist, osteopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers and other body workers and health/wellness professionals. While each module gives students a very unique and different set of tools, students will develop their way of thinking in the complexity model and tensegrity biomechanics over the course of several modules. The diploma of SomaTrainer will be awarded at the end of the program.


Each course is taught in 2 parts:

Part 1 (one day)- Virtual theory & anatomy lecture by Guy VOYER, DO (online via ZOOM Pro) – click here for all upcoming virtual lectures
Part 2 (two days)- In-person training with Instructor Bryce Turner

You can now complete the program and graduate as a SomaTrainer in only 9 months (previously a 3-year program). There are no prerequisites for any of the SomaTraining courses (exam course excluded), which allows anyone interested in specific courses to pick and choose the class that suits their needs and profession. Each course gives you a certificate of completion (*both the virtual portion and in-person training must be completed to receive full credit). You can take the in-person and virtual lecture in any order. If you are not intending to graduate as a SOMA Trainer, the virtual lecture is not required.