This Summer, Bryce and I spent 3 weeks at the French Riviera and Provence.. kids free! Our three children William, Jade and James had a blast with grandma while we got to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. We spent a few days in Provence walking through lavender fields and absorbing the beauty of the countryside and the beauty of the food… In the most quiet, gorgeous little town Oppède we stopped to eat lunch at Bistro les poulivets. A corner restaurant where couples and family gathered to enjoy time with each other. That lunch was another moment where we both came to realization that food is about quality, not only when it comes to the actual food but quality with family and friends.

Back in the US we are constantly bombarded with different diets and what to eat and not to eat. Gluten free, paleo, soy free, nut allergies, organic, sugar-free, biodynamic, non-GMO… it is rare these days to understand what is really healthy. As a family of 5, we have created Food for the Spine to heal your spine with nutritious, quality food but with that also comes the power of quality time. Reduce the stress and anxiety around food and enjoy each others time.

This meal captures the simplicity of life. A simple couscous salad topped with a seared wild caught fish, enjoyed with a glass of cold rosé. It is France after all. I am not able to mimic the exact recipe from that day, but the inspiration below is based on my favorite couscous salad, explore with other variations if you prefer. It’s simple and delicious. Bon appetite!

This OMEGA-3 packed lunch fuels your body with an important source of fat that will help reduce inflammation if you suffer from back-pain.  

Pan Roasted Fish with Cucumber Lemon Couscous Salad

A cast-iron pan and blast of heat with a heaping spoon of ghee or butter is all you really need to cook the fish. You can choose any white fish, skin on if you prefer. Simply season with salt and pepper, when pan is hot and butter has stopped bubbling, simply add to pan skin side down for about 20-30 seconds, lower to medium heat and let sizzle for 2 min. Gently flip fish over, add another spoon of butter next to fish to let it melt. Cook for another minute and spoon melted butter over it.

For the couscous salad, follow the instructions on the box. Once cooked, mix couscous with minced cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, cilantro and salt and pepper. Violà!


In health,

Annika Turner

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