ELDOA 3 Course
Seal Beach, CA
Date: May 8th – 10th, 2020
Price: $899
Instructor: Bryce Turner

*Pre-requisite: ELDOA 2.

**This course is NSCA CEU approved. You will receive your CEUs upon completion.

Host location:
Beach Fitness
148 Main Street, Suite F
Seal Beach, CA


Friday 12.00 – 7.00pm
Saturday 9.00 – 5.00pm
Sunday 8.00 – 3.00pm
*Generic schedule only. Exact schedule will be announced daily. Course start on Friday and course ending on Sunday are firm.


Welcome to ELDOA 3!

The ELDOA 3 Course is hosted May 8-10th, 2020 with instructor Bryce Turner. The ELDOA postures taught in this course includes all the ELDOAs for the accessory joints. The course is held at Beach Fitness, a renowned fitness and rehabilitation center in Southern California, located one block from the beach. Owner of Beach Fitness, Bryce Turner, one of the most sought after ELDOA instructors in the world is teaching this 3-day course. He currently has the the world’s largest staff of ELDOA practitioners & Certified ELDOA Trainers (Level 4).

The focus of ELDOA 3 is the Peripheral Joints (Ribcage and Sternum, Shoulder Girdle and Hips). The first portion of this course is a review of Levels 1 and 2 and the ELDOA postures of the Spine. Descriptive anatomy and Kapandji biomechanics are reviewed and cinesiology laws will be discussed. The ELDOA postures taught in the course include the ELDOA postures for the hip, the shoulder – all parts – and the ELDOA postures for the ribs and sternum.

Course Objectives:

  • Review ELDOA Levels 1-2
  • Descriptive Anatomy and Kapandji Biomechanics of the Hip
  • The ELDOA Postures of the Hip
  • Descriptive Anatomy and Kapandji Biomechanics of the Shoulder Girdle
  • The ELDOA Postures of the Shoulder Girdle
  • Descriptive Anatomy of the Trunk and Kapandji Biomechanics of the Ribcage and Sternum
  • The ELDOA Postures for the Ribcage and Sternum
  • Factors of Progression
  • Discuss the Preparation for the ELDOA Level 4

Upon completion you become a certified ELDOA Level 3 student-practitioner.


Additional Information 

  • Wear comfortable athletic clothes during the course. Bring a change of clothes if you prefer for after the ELDOA class.
  • Complimentary fruit and water is available all day for your convenience. Please bring a refillable water bottle if you can.
  • You can store food in our fridge, we also have a toaster oven and a microwave.
  • You are surrounded by excellent coffee shops and restaurants as we are right on Main Street.
  • Saturday and Sunday will begin with a 60-min ELDOA Fitness class.



  • Hennessy’s Parking Lot has free all day parking for Beach Fitness visitors. Located across the street from gym facing Main Street.
  • Bank of America parking lot across from facility has free no-limit parking after closing on Sat and Sunday all day.
  • Beach Parking Lot. 10th Street/Beach Lot has all day parking for $3.
  • There is 1 or 2h parking limit on most streets surrounding the facility.



AIRBNB (areas: Seal Beach, Sunset, Long Beach (Naples Island, Belmont Shore etc)

THE PACIFIC INN (walking distance from facility)





Email us at eldoa@beachfitness.com!



By purchasing the above item I agree to the Cancellation Policy. 

  • A service charge of $150 will apply for ALL cancellations.
  • Refunds will not be issued within 30 days of the course/seminar start date.
  • Course participants have the option to re-schedule the course within a period of 12 months from original start date of the course. The enrollment change must be notified to ELDOA USA at eldoa@beachfitness.com a minimum of 5 days prior to original course start. Participants who choose to re-schedule must choose equal Certification Course taught by Bryce Turner, ELDOA USA. Re-scheduling does not qualify for a refund.
  • Cancellation within 5 days prior to course start are considered late cancel or no show and will not allow for a refund or enrollment change. Service charge will apply.
  • No refunds on private or customized engagements.
  • No refunds on private treatments or appointments.