Global Postural Stretching, March 21-23rd, Fort Lauderdale FL
Instructors: Dan Hellman and Bryce Turner
Course Date: March 21-23rd 2020 (Sat-Mon)
Early-bird: $1100 – ends Feb 21st! After Feb 21st: $1250


GPS is one of the cornerstone courses by Guy VOYER DO that continues the fascial exercise education by working within the global link of the body to improve function and alignment.  This course will focus on the fascial link with the viscera, giving you many new tools for normalizing particular organs within the abdominal and pelvic regions of the body.  

Whatever your methods of preseason conditioning, training, or re-education, it is necessary to place the body part being solicited, into a global posture. To rediscover the efficiency and fluidity of a movement, the GPSs allow a perfect linking between the joint, the muscle and their fasciae. These specific postures must be meticulously performed and are adapted to each part of the body.

The positions can be used in training and conditioning as well as in pre-season training. They are equally of indubitable efficiency for all re-education programs. For example, after an accident or an illness, all therapeutic treatment must be completed by a rehabilitation of all activities of daily life, in the personal life; the sporting life; and the professional life.

There are thus four big stages to follow:

  • The first is curative; by the surgeon, doctor; osteopath; or chiropractor according to their methodology.
  • The second allows the patient to validate the therapeutic action above by analytic auto-normalization exercises such as myo-fascial stretching, ELDOA, circulatory or respiratory exercises, proprioception exercises, awareness training, etc
  • The third stage brings in global postural exercises to give to the patient a general integration back into daily life, and sporting and professional activities. It is these global postural stretches of the trunk; and upper and lower limbs that are included in the program of the advanced personal trainer.
  • The fourth stage is the return to normal activities of the individual in question.


Global Postural Stretching = Freedom and Function

Guy VOYER DO explains:
If you work with a specific muscle, it’s for that specific muscle. But if you do a movement or a rotation, for example within sports training or particular functions you don’t just work with one muscle, you work with a group of movements. You work with the global movement of many joints, bones, muscles and ligaments. GPS is an excellent integration in any rehabilitation process or for performance enhancement.
In this GPS course you will learn 90+ techniques to increase your clients and athletes function and performance.


The SOMA Training Program is for Sports Trainers, Fitness Consultants, and Physical Therapists. The curriculum is paced to allow the intention to specific practice periods, in-depth themes or training towards qualifications in the Soma Training Program; techniques which support treatments for everyone’s health and wellness as well as assisting athletes reach maximum performance.

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Course Date: March 21-23rd 2020 (Sat-Mon)

Instructors: Dan Hellman and Bryce Turner

Early-bird: $1100 – ends Feb 21st!

After Feb 21st: $1250


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