Posture has continued to be a reoccurring topic of maintaining health and fitness. With the evolution of the personal computer to the smart phone people’s exposure to improper alignment during work, at home, or just for fun has started plaguing our population. More and more people are  hunched over these products for entertainment and these days this new habit is starting younger and younger.  I have more people coming in for pain than ever before and I spend a lot more of my time correcting people’s posture to restore proper function in their bodies.

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Head, spinal, and pelvic alignment are the major basis for maintaining what is called your “gravity line” in the industry. Let’s think about what a ‘gravity line’ is. Gravity plays a major role in our posture and daily function, we are not conscious of it but 14 lbs of pressure on every part of our body carry a toll especially if you have forward head posture. An average person’s head  weighs about 11 pounds on its own, every centimeter it is forward from “normal” it is said to add about 10 lbs of weight to the neck, spine, shoulders, and muscles that surround them all. That can be a lot of pressure on the spine and it causes shoulders to roll forward.

There are several ways to address posture and to correct your body’s alignment. First, be aware of your posture and make some necessary changes in your everyday life to remind you to maintain yourself. One trick is positioning your car’s rear view mirror at a position that makes you sit tall and up right.


Posture Alignment

When it comes to your body’s alignment and function typically we start by looking at the pelvis. What is its position, movement, and its roll in posture?  By improving the posture of the pelvis we can start working on the rest of the posture chain in the body like the spine, shoulder girdle, and head position. Finally we would apply some stretches and exercises to help correct your body’s structure. Some of the modalities that are important for helping correct the posture are posterior chain exercises, myofascial stretches, reinforcement exercises and ELDOA’s. Here at Beach Fitness, we have a lot of ways to help improve your posture and your core strength.  One of our most popular offerings is FlexCore, a class that offers education in all of these modalities.  Our trainers are also eager to help you execute these exercises through private training sessions.

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